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Highlands Drilling Announces Expansion Plans Targeting 2014 Drilling Demand

CHARLESTON, WV,  March 1, 2013   -   President Mike Poole rolled out plans today for a scheduled expansion of the Highlands fleet of rigs designed to address projected growth in drilling demand in the northeastern United States. Poole notes that, "We've been studying trends in rig utilization in the Appalachian Basin over the past 18 months and have consulted with our core customer base to project rig demand in 2014 and beyond. While we do this routinely as a part of operations planning, this is the most comprehensive and forward looking survey that Highlands has ever conducted."
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Highlands Drilling Set To Test Fuel-Blending Options

CHARLESTON, WV,  February 11, 2013   -   Highlands Drilling, LLC has concluded a survey of alternative fuel options for powering its drilling rig and support equipment fleet. After an extensive study, Highlands President, Mike Poole, announced today that the Company will experiment with the use of an advanced fuel-blending system provided by a German company, CHM Technologies.
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Highlands Drilling completes Full ISO Recertification

CHARLESTON, WV,  January 31, 2013   -   Highlands Drilling, LLC has successfully completed a full recertification of its Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems according to the standards of ISO-14001 and OHSAS- 18001. On the five-year anniversary of its initial award to the Company, a comprehensive audit conducted by Det Norske Veritas has been completed and recertification awarded.
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Highlands Drilling Sets Drilling Record

CHARLESTON, WV,  December 1, 2010   -   Highlands Drilling, LLC was recognized today by Baker Tool Company for having set a duration record for continuous drilling.   Highlands Rig #5 successfully drilled a 14,316 foot well using a single Baker tri-cone bit.   The well included a 9,000 foot horizontal lateral and was drilled in Letcher County, Kentucky.
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Highlands Drilling Completes ISO Recertification - Expands Corporate Environmental Goals

CHARLESTON, WV,  October 15, 2010   -   Highlands Drilling, LLC announced today that it has received re-certification of its Environmental, Health and Safety systems under ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001.   Re-certification results from an extensive audit of systems and operations performed by an independent registrar.   The audit was conducted by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), who was also the registrar of Highlands’ original certification on May 1, 2010.
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Highlands Drilling Completes 1000th Horizontal Shale Well

CHARLESTON, WV, October 1, 2010   -   Highlands Drilling, LLC announces that it has successfully completed the 1,000th horizontal well drilled for its customers since 2007. 
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Highlands Drilling Recognized for Commitment to Environmental Health and Safety Stewardship

CHARLESTON, WV, May 15, 2010   -   Highlands Drilling, LLC announces successful completion of a major initiative creating a state-of-the-art Environmental Health and Safety program.  These programs have now been tested and certified under ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001.  The independent registrar making the declaration was Det Norske Veritas (DNV); one of the original signators of the ISO standard process. 
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