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Highland Drilling's Rigs

Each of Highlands' rigs is outfitted to excel in drilling operations where compressed air is used as the circulating medium, rendering them uniquely suited to drilling wells targeting the Marcellus Shale. Effective air drilling is a primary key to efficiency for Operators of Marcellus Shale and all other horizontally developed producing horizons within the Appalachian Basin. Marcellus Shale Operators most efficiently develop wells by drilling the top hole sections to using air drilling equipment and methods and then moving in larger fluid rigs to complete the horizontal lateral sections.

The Speedstar 185 - K is the workhorse of the Highlands Drilling fleet. With thirteen of these rigs in service, Highlands Drilling operates nearly 15% of all the copies of this rig model ever manufactured since its introduction by GEFCO in 2003. As a result, Highlands Drilling has built a close relationship with GEFCO and has assisted the manufacturer with many improvements and innovations that have been incorporated into the rig's design. This relationship has provided Highlands Drilling with a number of benefits. Most notably, Highlands Drilling and GEFCO have collaborated to increase both the hook load and the rotary torque of the Speedstar 185-K. Indeed, all of the Highlands 185 - K model rigs have been upgraded with full GEFCO factory support and certification to 200,000 pounds full moving hook load and 16,400 foot pounds of tophead rotational torque.

Highlands Drilling has paired its 185-K rigs with purpose-built and highly interchangeable ancillary and support equipment that combine to provide its customers with the best performing and most versatile air drilling rigs on the Appalachian Basin shale development scene. The consistent design and interchangeability across the company's rigs as well as its ancillary and support equipment also greatly adds to efficiencies when managing repairs, performing maintenance or planned overhauls and in meeting special customer needs. Finally, the consistent design of Highlands' equipment maximizes the ability of Highlands' employees to effectively work on all of the company's rigs.

The company's scale of application and in-depth understanding of the Speedstar 185-K rigs and ancillary equipment has allowed it to become the most effective and self sufficient consumer and operator of the product line

Support Services

Highlands Drilling and its support services staff offers and effectively utilizes four purpose-built winch tractor haul trucks (used in the the mobilization process), along with its 17 Caterpillar track-mounted dozers specifically outfitted for work in the oil and gas industry.