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Highlands Drilling currently owns thirteen modern, purpose-built Speedstar 185-K drilling rigs in total and employs approximately 275 people. Highlands' rigs are identically equipped and all were manufactured by the George E. Failing Company ("GEFCO"), located in Enid, Oklahoma. All of Highlands' rigs utilize carrier mounted hoisting systems that are extremely maneuverable making them highly suitable for use in the Appalachian Basin and other areas of mountainous or otherwise difficult terrain. Each Highlands rig is outfitted with ancillary and support equipment to operate effectively in various applications within the northeast U.S and throughout.the country.

The combination of Highlands Drilling's purpose-built hardware and the strengths of its workforce enable the company to operate with striking effectiveness and economy. Although the majority of its work in its first few years of operations was in the southern part of the Appalachian Basin, Highlandshas quickly become the preferred provider of top hole drilling services throughout the Marcellus Shale development region. The company very routinely drills:

  • Vertical production wells,
  • Top hole vertical and directional orientation sections for horizontal wells.
  • Pilot and exploratory wells all targeting the Marcellus Shale.
  • Grass roots to TD horizontal gas and oil wells in the Southern end of the Appalachian Basin.


In addition to securing its position of leadership in the Marcellus region, Highlands Drilling has established itself as the leading directional and horizontal contract driller in the harder formations of the southern Appalachian Basin such as the Lower Huron Shale, Berea, Wier and Big Lime. The efficiency and economy of Highlands' work in all, areas is proven and reliable. Those qualities are reflected in the utilization rates of Highlands' rigs over the course of its six-plus years operating history.

Highlands Drilling's southern Appalachian Basin drilling and its Marcellus Shale top hole work has been accomplished primarily using air as the circulating medium. Properly equipped, its rigs can also drill the Marcellus Shale horizontally on fluid effectively and economically. To date, the number of top hole wells targeting the Marcellus Shale drilled by Highlands is approaching 300 and it has drilled well over 1100 horizontal wells in the Lower Huron and other formations in the southern part of the Appalachian Basin